Industrial Gases

C.V. Bearings are the Bendigo outlet for Migomag.  We offer free delivery to Bendigo and most surrounding areas. (Talk to us about your free delivery). Rental and gas charges apply. Rental is charged on a daily basis so you can rent  the bottles for as long or as short as you need to.

Available gases are:

Acetylene                Bottle sizes D,E,G and 6 pack

Argon                      Bottle sizes D,E,G and 6 pack

Oxygen                   Bottle sizes D,E,G and 6 pack

Nitrogen                  Bottle sizes E and G

Coregas 07             Bottle sizes E and G

Coregas 16/3          Bottle sizes G and 6 pack

Coregas 18             Bottle sizes G

Coregas 5/2            Bottle sizes E, G and 6 pack

Medical Oxygen      Bottle sizes C, E, and G

CO2 Food Grade    Bottle sizes E and G

Hospitality Gases:

Bottle sizes availabe in  G and E

Corebrew 30 'G'  (Aligal 13) (SupaMix 30) (Cellamix 30)

Corebrew 40 'G'  (Aligal 14) (SupaMix 40) (Cellamix 40)

Corebrew 55 'G'  (Aligal 15) (SupaMix 55) (Cellamix 55)

Corebrew 75 'G'  (Aligal 17) (Cellamix 75)

Co2 F/Grade 'G'  (Aligal 2)

Co2 F/Grade 'E'

If we haven't named  your gas  we may be able to get one that matches it.